Plant Flowers and Trees in public spaces and clean the streets : Blooming Manipur Video

Community Gardening with the Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren at Our historic Ema Keithel on June 6 2017

Blooming Manipur is a humble community gardening initiative, that started almost 6 years ago , with an aims to transform our own Keithels , our own Leikai and our own Leirak into our blooming pride and instilled a sense of profound belongingness !

This small initiative is inspired by the inspirational, ‘Britain in Bloom ‘, where through this wonderful initiative; the many markets , streets and public areas of United Kingdom has been transforms into some of the most beautiful areas and a thriving community centre in this beautiful country .

We are very fortunate and humbled by the support, given by the Manipur Urban development Agency ( MUDA) , who today have released a documentary on some of our activities highlighting our principal ideology – ” Loving where we live ” Our sincere gratitude to Longjam Meena and Oinam Doren , who both are film award winners and have work hard to made this beautiful film .

We strongly believed there are many kind and caring souls , who can bring many visible changes to our own leiraks and Leikais and transform into blooming pride for our children . Let’s see how much change we can make, especially when we have some of the most amazing officers and staffs of #MUDA and #ImphalMunicipalCorporation , working hard everyday to transform our Imphal city into a cleaner and healthier pride for all of us .

We sincerely believed despite the unfortunate earthquake that struck our Ema Keithel , the keithel today looks brighter and is blooming as our pride . This we believed is due to the #hardwork of the officers and staff of #MUDA , where we along with kind members of Kangla Facebook Lup and Green activist of #LetZPaintTheEarthGreen have been able to offer some support in the form of gardening activities and encouraging a few responsible behaviour from our kind public.

Can we urge upon all the kind and caring hearts 💕 to look for any means regardless of how small they might seem and take caring initiatives for the places we live ? Loving where we live !!!

Blooming Manipur

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