NEIGRIHMS’ arbitrary admission rules hurt students

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: Are the NEIGRHIMS authorities playing with the future of the local students of the State by giving wrong information on the resolution of the Governing Council vis-à-vis the establishment of the under-graduate Medical College in the institution?

Going by the resolution of the Governing Council in 2008, the statement of the NEIGHRHIMS authorities that it is mandatory for the State Government to hold entrance test for admission into the under-graduate medical course is totally misleading.

The Governing Council resolution clearly states, “The Council decided that in respect of these four states- Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, the respective State Governments may select their own students. The selection procedure should be purely on merit”.

In the resolution, it was mentioned that NEIGRIHMS and the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare would guide the states in the admission process to ensure uniformity in the method of selection.

“There would however be a common admission test conducted by NEIGRIHMS to fill up the seats under NE Open quota” the Governing Council resolution added.

Till this moment, students from the Meghalaya are yet to get admission since the NEIGRIHMS are maintaining that they are yet to receive the approval letter from the Centre.

Meanwhile, in the past few days, NEIGRIHMS through a number of spokespersons, with the exception of a suspiciously silent Director, have enlightened the public regarding the modes of admission of Meghalaya MBBS students and the sanctity of the entrance Examination for MBBS conducted by NEIGRIHMS.

The North-East open entrance examination conducted by NEIGRIHMS for the past 2 years apparently looked like a “fixed match” with Manipur bagging 14 or 15 seats and Assam bagging 3 or 4 seats every year leaving the other North Eastern states high and dry consecutively for 3 years.

As far as Meghalaya is concerned sending all the 9 students to NEIGRIHMS without conducting entrance examination but purely on the basis of the Class XII Science merit list is an acceptable mode since the same procedure is adopted in respect of other central government allocated seats. Parents and other concerned citizens wonder why NEIGRIHMS is causing such an unnecessary hue and cry and making an issue out of this?

Many social organisations have asked why NEIGRIHMS should dictate terms to the Government of Meghalaya on how to decide the merit of candidates for MBBS study?

Government sources say Meghalaya has been doing this job for the past 20 years diligently with no allegations of corruption or blemish.

Meghalaya had conducted the entrance Examination for its NEIGRIHMS quota for the last two years. But what emerged from this process did not meet with the aspirations of the state Government or the people of Meghalaya.

As far as reservation of seats in the institute is concerned, NEIGRIHMS appears to go by its whims and fancies.

Earlier, reservation for BSc Nursing studies was stopped on the plea that NEIGRIHMS was an institute of excellence. However, when many Khasi, Jaintia and Garo candidates qualified by merit and were selected for the course year after year in spite of the absence of reservation, the authorities suddenly reversed the trend by reintroducing reservation in Bsc Nursing.

This was violation of the act of parliament, a violation that has the approval of NEIGRIHMS administration including the Dean.

Source: The Shillong Times

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