Ask Centre not to impose curbs on eating: NPF to Nagaland government

GUWAHATI: The Naga Peoples Front (NPF) that shares power with BJP in Nagaland and Manipur has urged the Nagaland government to request the Centre to desist from ‘imposing restrictions’ on dietary habits and culinary preferences of the Naga people.

At its central executive council meeting in Kohima on Wednesday, NPF urged the Nagaland government to take up with the Centre ‘restrictions imposed’ on dietary habits of the people and ensure that it does not infringe on culinary preferences of Naga people or their social, traditional, religious or customary practices through any unilateral decisions.

Christianity dominated Nagaland and Meghalaya go to polls next year and the Centre’s notification banning sale and purchase of cattle at animal markets for slaughter has snowballed into major political issue in both states. Congress has been consistently attacking the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) government over the issue.

The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee had said: “The BJP government has imposed nationwide ban on sale of cattle for slaughter by taking shelter under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. It is a blatant display of their communal and divisive agenda which is not acceptable to Nagas.

Giving legal cover to their divisive agenda is fraught with dangerous ramifications. The rise of cow vigilantism and violence against beef consuming people has created huge fault lines within the society like never before.”

Congress said the NPF government provided comfort for BJP for the past 15 years and must be rejected as the ban on sale of cattle in animal markets was imposing cruelty to humans in the name of preventing cruelty to animals.

In another demand, NPF asked the state government to constitute a consultative committee comprising legal luminaries and invite all tribal bodies/NGOs to solicit their views and opinions on Nagaland Municipal Act.

BY BIKASH SINGH, The Economic Times

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